Farm House Table- Finished at last!

Today we moved the table inside and added the aprons. It is finally finished and ready to be used — and, more importantly, to be decorated with table runners, cloth napkins, center pieces, etc…

Farm House Table

I’ve been wanting a new table for the kitchen/dining room for years. A lot of our furniture is still hand-me-downs or inexpensive things we bought in college or soon after and our kitchen table was functional, but the style didn’t really go with the house and the oval shape was difficult to decorate and to seat our extended family around on holidays. Finally this summer Chris had a couple of weeks off work so we turned out garage into a wood shop and got to work.

We used these plans which I highly recommend. The only changes we made were to used seven 2x8s (trimmed down to more like 2×7) for the top rather than 2x6s and added aprons underneath to give the top a bit more substance and aesthetically balance out the heavy base. We used pine wood and Min Wax Provincial stain (2 coats) with 2 coats of poly on the base and 3 coats of poly on the top.


Here are some of our progress photos, click here to see the finished table!