Weeds, weeds and MORE weeds!

Before I attempt to clean out the weed patch to turn it into a flower garden, I have to figure out which plants are, in fact, weeds. And so begins my exploration of the native weeds of Kentucky.

Here is what I’ve pulled up and identified so far:

horseweedHorseweed or Mare’s Tale “conyza canadensis”


Wild Violet “viola papilionacea”


Three Seeded Mercury Weed “acalypha ostryaefolia”


Daisy Fleabane “erigeron annuus”


mysteryThe plants in this picture are still a mystery. Could some of these be young black eyed susans? Any ideas?


I think that this may be the crown of something in the daisy family or maybe a Dahlia. Or maybe its a weed. What do you think? It is plants like in the last two pictures that are making this flower bed so hard to weed. Do I pull it up or leave it?