Larry and Leonid

Leonid and Larry with mom Elizabeth

Twin ram lambs. 5.5 lb each

Born April 9th

Mother: RareFindFarm Elizabeth (S24904)

Father: RareFindFarm Icon (S34089)

Almost completely white at birth. Both were born with a light reddish brown patch at the back of the neck and Leonid has dark fringe on his hind legs. Their fleeces have become pure white with age.

They seem to have inherited their mother’s good temperament and from birth have been easy to handle and unafraid of people.

First shearing- April 2015
Larry- 3.5lb avg 23.6 micron

Leeonid- 4lb avg 27.3 micron

Leeonid is for sale as fiber wethers $200 each.  Contact me at for more information.


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