Ivy’s Vacation

Today I took Ivy over to the neighbor’s farm to stay for a few months for breeding. We don’t keep any breeding studs on our farm because we don’t have resources to keep them separate from the regular flock when we don’t want them to be breeding, so we either borrow a stud or take the girls for a “vacation” at another farm. This weekend we are bringing home a ram to stay with the sheepy girls for a few months so it was time for Ivy to head out.

Ivy needs to lose some weight- she has gotten too fat to fit in the front seat of my car very well. She almost got stuck!

Once we got her unloaded we introduced her to the other female goats on the farm (she won’t be introduced to the male until this weekend). There was some good natured head butting but overall she seemed to get along with the girls well and when I left her she was enjoying sampling all the new and exciting weeds and bushes growing in the pasture. Now we are just crossing our fingers that she won’t get loose and try to come home!

2 thoughts on “Ivy’s Vacation

  1. So, Ivy heads to one farm for a “date” with Ram # 1, while the other girls stay home for a “date” with Ram # 2? These sheep have a complex social life!

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