Biting Bugs

2017-06-20 13.03.53.jpg

Spent all afternoon yesterday consulting with a vet and still don’t have a firm diagnosis, but it seems that some type of biting insect has been attacking the goats. Not sure what type, but its not something that lives on the skin or lays eggs/larva in the skin (so not mites, lice or bot fly). Its bad enough on a couple of the girls that they are getting 2-weeks of injectable antibiotics.

2017-06-23 09.08.02

The good news is that the vet confirmed that even with the hot, damp weather we’ve been experiencing none of the Kikos are showing signs of heavy worm loads– bright pink eyelids and dark red blood mean that they aren’t anemic one bit. No sign of hoof rot, another warm/wet weather problem, either. 2017-06-21 17.55.13

Nelly, our milk goat, is still struggling with worms but that isn’t a surprise- I think she has had them since I got her. We dewormed her again (Cydectin) and took a fecal and will re-test in 2 weeks. She also got a mineral shot and new diet regime and will be getting the daily antibiotics. Hopefully the combination of these things will help her put on weight and get healthy. I’d like to breed her with everyone else later this summer but she needs to get healthy first. I’m posting a couple of photos of skinny Nelly below so I can compare them to how she looks in a few weeks. Hopefully there will a noticeable difference! 2017-06-20 13.05.58

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