Cover Crop

We have never used cover crops in the garden during the winter but are thinking about doing it this year since our soil really needs some work. We are thinking of using a combination of winter rye and hairy vetch. I’ve found a bunch of articles online, including this one and this one. Have you planted cover crops before? Are you planning on doing it this year? Any recommendations or advice?

2 thoughts on “Cover Crop

  1. Do you keep the larger animals inside at night? Also, put the chicked stuff in a pile to decompost. Good luck with the garden. I put out some mixed greens Thursday. Am walking some now without help.

  2. Right now the sheep/goat sleep in the pasture. We wonder if once it gets cold they will sleep in the barn but we are leaving it up to them. So we don’t have piles of sheep poo/straw to turn into manure., We’ll see what happens during the winter, though.

    We do compost the chicken waste, though it adds up slowly since they free range and only poop in the coop at night.

    We have some winter veggies in the garden now but they only take up about a third of the space. I just don’t like winter veggies as much as summer veggies. Unlike my mom I hate collards and other “greens”.

    Glad to hear you are on your feet- hopefully you can come visit soon!

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