Farm for Sale

This year is bringing many changes to Square Peg Farm. Due to a new off-the-farm job, we will be relocating to Florida this summer. Thankfully we have already found a beautiful farm with even more space for our flock of graze so no one will be left behind. We will be very sad to say goodbye to our little Kentucky farm, though. We’ve enjoyed the years we have spent here carefully cultivating the gardens, tinkering in the barn and watching our flock grow. Our biggest hope now is that we can find a new family to call our farm home who will enjoy it as much as we did.


If you are interested in buying a small farm/homestead in central Kentucky or know of someone who is, please direct them to our real estate webpage!

3 thoughts on “Farm for Sale

  1. How are you feeling now. Do you get cold? Love the new place. Have you been packing any yet? Any lookers for the KY farm? Take care of ( what is the name any idea yet)?

    Lauren Taylor Sent from my iPad


    • I’m feeling great! We’ve done some packing and lots of organizing and cleaning to get the house ready for showings. We will probably wait till a bit closer to our move date to do the serious packing though. We’ve got an offer in on the KY farm so things are looking good! Baby still doesn’t have a name…my guess it that we won’t actually make up our minds until we meet him in a month or so!

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