Kitchen Garden

Note: Click on the photos for larger versions with labels of all the plants

We have a large vegetable garden with the typical tomatoes, peppers and corn but this year we are also trying a less structured “kitchen garden” up by the house with lettuce, herbs and some of the things that needed to be planted in the early spring before the vegetable garden was ready. And unlike the vegetable garden I’m trying to make it pretty with mulch and stepping stones since its right by the house.
In one section we have mostly mint plants. This is where I had an herb garden last year, but the mint has done so well that we’ve decided to just let it run wild. Its prettier than the weeds that took over in the past and can’t get too out of control because it has the house on one side and a wooden walkway on the other. The bush on the left is actually oregano, not mint, but it is nearly as invasive! There is a small rosemary bush about to be drowned by mint, but I am going to transplant it somewhere with more space soon. You can also see the irises peeping from behind the oregano. They were beautiful this spring but will just look kind of sad and floppy for the rest of the season. On the other side of the oregano we have a few new varieties of mint. They were just planted in the last week or two so they are still small, but in another year they should be as big as the peppermint.


On the other side of the walk way we have the lettuce (with one giant swiss chard left over from last year), onions, garlic and some spring peas that didn’t do well. I need to increase the lettuce patch. What we have growing right now is doing well and Chris loves the flavor, but its a bit spicer than I like for a salad (though great for a sandwich), so I have some seeds to plant for milder lettuce for me.



Next up is the potato patch full of yukon golds. We didn’t have much luck with potatoes the last time we tried,so it’ll be interesting to see how they do this time. So far the plants are very healthy and sturdy, but its hard to guess at what is happening below ground!


The newest section is the new herb garden. So far only the basil is in the ground and part of the sod still hasn’t been removed, but soon this area will be full of herbs. We are growing herbs for cooking as well as mint, chamomile and catnip for tea.

One thought on “Kitchen Garden

  1. A “kitchen garden” is such a great idea! I keep my herbs near the grill, so hubby can snip off chives, rosemary, et al as he’s cooking. I’m so surprised at how quickly we go through herbs this way–I hope you enjoy yours.

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