Sad Day on the Farm

2013-04-21 12.30.02Francine went into labor today but her baby was stillborn. He was a beautiful, fully developed 8lb boy, solid black. His name was going to be Scott, named after my cousin whose birthday he was conceived on. We aren’t sure what caused the stillbirth since he didn’t have anything visibly wrong with him and the placenta looked normal. Unfortunately these things happen sometimes. We had hoped that Francine would deliver a living twin but it looks like she may have just had the one. Right now she is upset that we took her baby away from her, but we hope that her short sheep memory will let her forget about it soon.


Elizabeth’s twins are doing marvelously. They are two and a half weeks old now and growing in size and independence. Kaylee loves attention and will come running for scratches. Kelly is a bit more hesitant around humans but once you start scratching her she quickly gives in!

4 thoughts on “Sad Day on the Farm

  1. I’m so sorry, Laura! I can only imagine how disappointed you and Chris are. That was sweet of you to plan to name him after Scott.

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