Entertaining in Kentucky

We have out of town guests coming for the weekend so I’ve been trying to think of things to do while they are here



Alternately we could

  • weed the garden
  • mulch the flower beds
  • make the new raised flower beds
  • fix the holes the goats keep making in the fences
  • give the lambs their vaccination boosters
  • trim the sheep and goats’ hooves

Any other ideas for a summer weekend near Lexington, KY?

3 thoughts on “Entertaining in Kentucky

  1. ops……just found out this is the week I am coming down. Was going to vote on the second list but now I vote more to the first list. I WILL NOT spend $34 to see a horse farm since I have one in my own backyard. Like the sound of a few places but just staying at the farm sounds great (hopefully several bottles of wine will be there).
    See ya after dinner Thursday.

    • oh, do I need to bring hay rope to patch the fences. We always used that to keep the horses in at Smith barn.

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