Fall Garden Planning

I’m starting to think about my fall garden. First frost in central KY is usually around October 10th. That seems pretty far away, but a lot of fall plants are supposed to go out 4-8 weeks before the first frost which would be August 15-Sept 12th. Some, like cabbage, need to go out even earlier! I don’t normally do a huge fall garden because I don’t like collards or other dark leafy greens and those seem to do best in the fall. This year I’m going to try mustard greens for the first time and let them go to seed to harvest mustard seeds for making pickles (I’ll be using B.alba or white mustard rather than the mustard normally grown for greens- B. juncea) . I’m also planning to do lettuce, cabbage and broccoli. Now that I have raised beds, it’ll be easy to cover the beds with glass windows to great mini-greenhouses so allow my fall planting to be done a bit  later than normally suggested and to keep my plants growing into the winter.

Here are the suggested planting dates for the veggies I’m interested in, but keep in mind that with my covered boxes I’ll be able to delay planting a bit later.

Cabbage: July 1 for seeds (oops, missed that deadline, will have to buy plants)

Spinach: August 15

Snow Peas: July 20

Turnips: July 15 (done!)

Lettuce: August 1

Cauliflower plants: July 15

Broccoli plants: July 15

Beets: July 15 (done!)

Mustard: Aug 29

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