Late Summer on the Farm

I haven’t posted in a while because this time of year there isn’t much changing on the farm. We are beginning to see cooler temperatures especially at night and in the early morning and the flock has been enjoying that and taking advantage of it whenever they can to graze without overheating. Otherwise, they mostly stick to the shady parts of the pasture so we don’t actually see them as much this time of year!

2015-09-01 16.48.29

The summer started off very wet but its been pretty dry for the second half and I’m crossing my fingers that that doesn’t mean our pasture will die off early, we like it best when we can keep the flock on pasture as late into the fall/early winter as possible before switching them to hay. Right now the pasture is mostly full of this shrubby weed that no one likes to eat. Anyone know what it is (other than annoying)?

2015-09-01 16.51.11

Of course, the best way to deal with the heat is to cool off with a nice mud bath, at least that’s what Schnitzel thinks.

In other news, I just installed a new mineral feeder which is larger than the old one so that now more animals can get to it at once and it will need refilling less often.

2015-09-01 16.44.47

3 thoughts on “Late Summer on the Farm

  1. Dear Laura,

    Such a fun post. Schnitzel’s long sigh at the end of his/her roll in the nice cool mud was such pure contentment I snorted aloud. Can’t wait to show the boys. My guess is that they ask for a replay and then demo the movements on the carpet :}

    Oh, that weed. Can’t tell right now for sure what it is, but it looks invasive. May be too much grazing on the good stuff in the dry weather, so the good stuff is cropped too short and dies out and this this takes over. Worrisome. Reseed in late fall? Can I help with seed costs and seeding?

    Very best,


    • I thought your boys might like it!! I think the weed is ragweed and that the only way to get rid of it is to attack it with fire! I could use chemical weed killer but since its in the pasture I don’t want to expose the flock, so this weekend I’m going to look into getting a flame wand. I need to get rid of it before it goes to seed. Apparently once rag weed gets established it just gets worse and worse each year.I still have some pasture mix seed from when we re-seeded around the barn, once I get rid of the bad stuff it should be an easy thing to have Chris plug the area and then go over it with the seed spreader!

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