DIY Strap and Bib cover for LilleBaby All Seasons Carrier

lillebabySince finding out I’m pregnant this fall I’ve gotten back into sewing a bit- there are just so many neat things to sew for baby! I had a hard time finding a pattern or tutorial for DIY drool pads for our Lille baby carrier online, so I decided to make my own and then type it up in case anyone else has been looking for one!

To Use:

The strap covers are simple- they wrap around the straps and velcro. They look best if you put the velcro in the back but if you are using the headrest you’ll need access to the little clips on the straps so rotate them so the velcro is in the front and slip the strap through the opening.

2015-12-10 16.29.31

Strap covers with velcro in the front so that clips can be pulled through

2015-12-10 16.53.42

The bib on the Lille carrier is soft and flexible so its easy to stuff it into the cover. The short side of the cover goes in front and the short flap tucks under the hood. I didn’t add straps, but if you have trouble with the bib cover coming off, straps could be added to secure it to the hood straps. The long flap goes down inside the carrier and the straps snap around the loops that hold the “seat belt”. I used snaps to secure these straps but if you don’t have a snap tool you can use velcro.

If you are using the headrest in the upright position, pull the clips through the holes in the front of the cover. If using it in the downwards “bib” position, tuck the clips inside the cover so that the snaps are exposed and snap the bib in place.

2015-12-10 16.54.55

Clips pulled through to use in the headrest position

2015-12-10 16.55.45

clips tucked inside to expose snaps to snap flap into bib position

2015-12-10 16.56.32

Straps attaching long flap to seat belt loops on inside of carrier. 

2015-12-10 16.53.17

For reference, this is the carrier without covers


  • I used two fat quarters of fabric (blue print and grey print) but I had to piece together the blue one to have enough, so in the future I think I’d get 1/2 yard of the bib fabric and 1/4yd of the strap fabric. Once I’ve made another set I’ll try this and update the tutorial!
  • Flannel would be more absorbent, but woven cotton (i.e. quilter’s cotton) is prettier so use whichever you prefer for your outer material.
  • Equal amounts of flannel for lining.
  • cotton batting or terry cloth
  • velcro
  • ribbon scraps
  • optional: snaps

How to Make the Covers– Coming Next…


10 thoughts on “DIY Strap and Bib cover for LilleBaby All Seasons Carrier

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  2. I’m in the process of making the bib and am confused. When you cut the square in the front, do you see around it inside out or right side up? Also when you put the front and back pieces together, should they be sewn together inside out? I’m confused that I won’t be able to get it turned right. Thanks!!

    • After cutting your fabric you’ll assemble the front and back pieces. Each piece consists of an outer fabric and a lining fabric. The outer fabric and lining should be sewn right sides together ONLY around the bottom flap part. Turned right side out this will leave you with a piece that has finished edges around the flap and raw edges around the curved top section. Then, you take your two pieces (both with finished flaps and raw tops) and sew them together right sides together through all the layers. Now when you turn it right side out you won’t have any raw edges showing.

  3. We did it! Thanks so much for the pattern! Ours turned out beautifully. It was my first venture back into sewing. As a result, I had one of the prints going the wrong way, but all in all, it’s fabulous! Tried to find a way to add photos to show you but can’t. Hopefully you can see this pin. 🙂

  4. Done the strap covers, and popped a button hole on for the neck support/bib clip. But had not flannel so used towelling, one lauer is mot enough for my drooly baby so afpdding another and PUL inside in my next attempt. Quick question do the flarred ends go up straps or with the wider end nearest the bib, I have them at the bib end but think this may be wrong now I look at yours!!

    • Definitely add more padding (or PUL) as needed. My little one is only just starting to get super drooly so I don’t have the experience to know how much padding is needed! Plus I imagine it varies from one child to the next. The strap covers will fit better narrow end down but the straps are squishy so no big deal if you get them on upside down sometimes. Really you could make them rectangular and it would probably work just fine- the tapering is so slight.

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