Kelly’s girls- all cleaned up!

I noticed that all the photos of Kelly’s lambs that I posted in the previous post were a bit messy so I when I went back out to check on the new family just now I got some more photos that show the girls (yes- two more girls!) off a bit better!


When I first went out, they were hanging out with Liisu and her lamb. Unfortunately, Liisu has decided that she must protect her lamb from the scary humans at all costs and won’t let me get close enough to grab the lamb and move her to the maternity ward (i.e. the fenced in area by the barn). This makes it harder for me to check on Liisu’s baby and impossible to socialize her, which is a real shame because the baby seems friendly.


Kelly’s lambs haven’t figured out running quite yet, though, so I was able to scoop them up and carry them back to the barn with mom following after. Now they have joined Lana and Nina in the barnyard.

Both girls are about 6lb which is a nice healthy size for Shetland lambs, especially twins. They feel a bit more delicate to me than yesterday’s singletons which isn’t a bad thing. My sheep tend to be very stocky and I wouldn’t mind having a few girls who are a bit more graceful.


As I thought when they were first born, they are almost completely identical. Just like their mom, aunt and half sister. We are going to have to get them colored ear tags or something in order to tell them apart!


After having the maternity ward to themselves most of the day, I think that Lana and Nina are happy to have some company. Thankfully Nina’s markings are almost completely opposite from Kelly’s lambs so there is no confusing which lamb belongs to which mom!

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